a better concrete foundation

If You Build It, They Will Come

Building a new home for your family? Consider a slab concrete foundation installed by Melvin Hubbard Concrete Construction in Broken Arrow, OK! Slab houses require less drying time than traditional concrete foundations and also eliminate unnecessary steps that become a hindrance as we age, allowing you to complete your home faster and live there longer. Plus, slab concrete foundations, when paired with insulated floors, allow you to use less energy heating and cooling your home because you don’t have to contend with a basement or crawlspace for temperature control.

Because houses with slab foundations have no basement or crawlspace, you will also be better protected from rodent and insect infestation. Critters need open spaces to enter a home, whether that be through cracks in the foundation, a poorly insulated crawl space, or a basement with access to the outdoors. Termites need access to wooden joints to infest a home, a task made easier with an elevated home. A slab house eliminates every one of these entry points, making it easier to protect your home from unwanted pests.

Accessibility, energy savings, pest protection—slab foundations have it all. Call us today to speak with an expert about the benefits of a slab concrete foundation and to schedule your free estimate. We are happy to answer your questions and go over every aspect of the process, as well as any other concrete work you may need for your new home. Whatever your concrete needs, rely on Melvin Hubbard Concrete Construction to exceed your expectations!

Slab House Foundation
Energy Saving
Natural Pest Protection
Better for Mobility
Flood Resistant
More Affordable